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Trinity Christian Academy
17001 Addison Rd.
Addison, Texas 75001

Board of Trustees

Duties and Powers of the Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is responsible, under the headship of Christ, for all the activities of the school and will prayerfully seek the Lord’s help in carrying out its responsibilities.

The Board shall act as the legislative body in formulating policy for the conduct of the school. The Board is directly responsible for approving the Mission Statement of the school and the policies under which the school operates; approving the Strategic Plan and overseeing its preparation and implementation; hiring the Headmaster; approving the annual operating budget (including the school calendar and tuition levels); approving major capital expenditures; and approving fundraising programs. The Board is responsible, through its oversight, for assuring that the curriculum and all of the activities of the school conform to the Mission Statement and the applicable policies of the school. The Board has delegated to the Headmaster the authority for the day-to-day operation of the school.

Board of Trustees
Ron Crosby, Chairman
Steve Novakovich, Vice Chairman
Christi Ferrell
David Harper
Ray Huffines
Sheffie Kadane
Mark Layman
Stephanie Polk
Jeff Price
David Ward

The Board of Trustees welcomes your input; please contact with your comments or suggestions.