ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT - Katie Callison Sansom ’12

Favorite memory from when you attended TCA?   
My favorite “memories” of TCA are by far the friendships I formed there that will carry through life. I also loved being part of school musicals (especially Les Miserables), cheerleading on Friday nights in the fall and the special relationships students had with teachers at TCA.
Favorite Teacher? 
It’s so hard to choose! They all poured themselves into us and helped us grow. I fondly remember my English and literature teachers, Mrs. Legband, Mrs. Azzi and Mrs. Morton, for the way they helped me fall in love with the world of books and relate to the world through characters like Atticus Finch, Lady Brett Ashley and Jane Austen’s Catherine Morland. Mr. Groezinger completely increased my confidence in math, taking me from Cs on early exams (if I managed to finish them at all) to a 5 on my AP Calculus exam. Mrs. Dunlap and Mrs. Waddell will also always have a special place in my heart; they were my safe place in Lower School.
Best grade at TCA?
Senior year. By that point, I was able to learn so much about who I was and what it meant to be myself. I think my classmates and I also appreciated each other and the school so much more with college on the horizon, which made each “last” experience particularly sweet. 

Did you attend K-12?
Yes! My four siblings and I were all lifers at TCA.

What activities did you do at TCA? 
 Choir, cheer, musicals and worship team. 

Do you still talk to your classmates?
Yes, I keep up with a lot of them! We are in a really fun season of life now, several years after graduating college, where every few months there is an engagement, a wedding or a new baby to celebrate, which keeps us connected and updated on each other’s lives. My best friends and I still get together each Christmas, a tradition that we started our freshman year. 

How has TCA impacted your life? 
TCA was such an impactful part of my childhood. Thirteen years inside its walls helped me form a foundation of faith upon which to build academics, friendships, dreams, disciplines and now a career and family. It taught me from an early age how faith is intertwined in every aspect of my life. It is not a separate, once-a-week commitment, but a daily fleshing out of what it means to follow Jesus here in the messiness of a broken world. At TCA, I formed relationships that support me in the good times and the hard ones. I learned the value of mentoring and being mentored. I was inspired to strive for excellence, and the people at TCA met me with grace when I fell short. I am forever grateful that my parents made the necessary sacrifices to give me such a meaningful school experience. 

Tell us about your life today - career, family, home. 
Life today is ever-changing. After graduating from the University of Texas, I married my incredible husband, Collin, and moved to Fort Worth, where he had started a chain of coffee shops and co-working spaces, which we have now sold. Four months later, we found out we were expecting our son, Beckett, who is now two and a half. He is our sunshine with bright blonde hair, a heart full of kindness and all the craziness of a toddler. I began my career as the designer and then creative director at an ethical fashion brand, designing apparel and accessory lines and working with artisan women across the world to produce pieces by hand. I travel to India, Honduras, Guatemala and Haiti, and Collin often comes along to photograph the journey. This summer, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Goldie, into our family, and she is gentleness and grace personified. We are constantly evolving and growing together, learning how to fit all of the pieces of our life together in a way that honors Jesus and leaves a legacy of kindness. 

How has TCA helped you with your career today?
TCA taught me so many invaluable lessons when it comes to the reward of working really hard, the importance of caring about the people around us, putting that empathy into action and how to “figure it out” when you don’t know an answer or how to do something. These are all lessons that have set me apart on my career path and helped me excel and rise quickly. Being a very young director in my company is a unique challenge of earning respect, leading my peers and some older than me and developing the talent of my team. Opportunities to be on many teams, in leadership roles and a mentor to younger students throughout my years at TCA began equipping me for this position long ago and set me on a path I’ve loved. 
Trinity Christian Academy is a private coeducational school for grades PreK–12 which offers Christian families and their children a demanding, college preparatory curriculum within a Christian community committed to integrating Biblical faith and learning.