One thing you need to know about me is that I’m a planner. I hate surprises and the unknown. If I could, I would have a road map of the next 10 years in front of me showing every twist and turn in my life so that I can be prepared. I’ve tried to make deals with God like, “I’ll gladly follow wherever you want me to go, but I’d love for you to clue me in on where you’re taking me.” This has yet to work out for me.

Cue 2020. At the beginning of the stay-at-home order, I diligently created a two-week plan for my team at work. We adjusted our tasks and created temporary changes to our roles in order to make things work. I set up a temporary workstation in my garage since all three of my kids were at home, and we don’t have space for a home office. Then, the weeks turned into months. As time progressed, I found myself becoming anxious. Things changed from a temporary problem for me to solve into a long-term adjustment to my routines (I don’t like people messing with my routines).

For years, my catch phrase has been “Be flexible, not frustrated.” I tell this to other people, but I’m really reminding myself. These past 10 months have tested my ability to not only be flexible but also to trust that God knows best. Instead of relying on my strategic plan or roadmap, I’ve had to lay down my plans at God’s feet and simply say, “What would you have me do today?” I often go back to Psalm 128:1, which says, “Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him.” My job is to simply walk in obedience to the Lord. Instead of looking at the next six months, I’ve reminded myself in this season to take it 24 hours at a time. If I start expanding my view past the next 24 hours, I begin to get anxious again. Matthew 6:34 reminds me that tomorrow has enough trouble of its own. Instead of looking to the future, I need to be faithful with what I have in front of me today.

How are you doing with anxiety? Do you find yourself fearing the “what ifs” or the future? What can you do to refocus yourself on being God’s man or woman today? What would it look like for you to simply sit with the Lord and be in His presence today?

Here are some verses that have helped me with my anxiety in this season.

Brett Billman is the director of finance and HR at Watermark Community Church. He and his wife Chrisey both graduated from TCA in 2005. They have two kids at TCA and one still at home: Landry (2nd grade), Colson (Kindergarten) and Ellie (2 years old).