It seemed as if every day since the beginning of Covid-19 I have uttered the prayer, “Lord, be our Shepherd.” During the weeks of quarantine, my teenage son snapped a picture of my husband and me going on a walk…something we’ve done for 18 years now. Stride for stride there have been seasons of every kind of walk, but last year takes the cake. The walks we took in 2020 meant more than ever. There is something profound about the patience and self-control it takes to walk in this generation of running. To decidedly walk side by side. Step by step. Cadence for cadence. Spiritual stride for spiritual stride. In and out of season. Especially in our marriages where we could spend a lifetime distracting ourselves -- whether we have a global pandemic or are simply navigating the speed of daily life and ultimately miss each other entirely.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been guessing at how to do this whole global pandemic thing 24 hours to 24 hours. And with the flip of the calendar page to 2021 nothing magically changed. I’ve been desperately dependent on the leadership of the Shepherd’s Voice just as much on December 31 as January 1 and beyond. There is great strength in the joy of being desperate for Jesus. To walk hand-in-hand and trust Jehovah Rohi, knowing the Lord is our Shepherd, is at the helm of our families is going to be of the utmost importance as we step into 2021. Walking with the Shepherd is a miracle in motion. We are opening the door to 2021 by entrusting every sacred, intimate, hard and holy thing last year laid out to His able care. My husband and I have continued our walks and been found pounding the pavement with a very imperfect but persistent pace of discovery. Jesus has been and will be the ONLY way to navigate the future.

My challenge to you with the freshness of a new calendar year is to continue to walk alongside the Good Shepherd and each other. To decidedly walk side by side. Step by step. Cadence for cadence. Spiritual stride for spiritual stride. In and out of season. It will take patience, but it will produce fruit. Let’s walk into 2021 trusting His Voice, His Way and His Love within each step as we lean in on each other and decide to enjoy the journey ahead trusting Jehovah Rohi to be our guide.

Current Book Recommendation: Every Moment Holy: A book of Liturgies for Every Moment

Cari Trotter is the chief curator and founder at Becoming Ministries. She has traveled all over the country speaking, equipping and encouraging women in churches, youth groups, prisons, retreats, and organizations large and small. Cari loves being a football coach’s wife to Toby, who is the Defensive Coordinator at TCA. This is the Trotter's first year at TCA, and they have three children: Cade (9th), Ainsley (7th) and Shelby Kate (3rd).