US Academic Resource Center

The mission of the Upper School Academic Resource Center is to provide support for students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD in order to maximize their potential for success within the TCA curriculum.


Standard Accommodations:

  • 50% extended time on tests
  • Preferential seating
  • No penalty for misspelled words in the case of dyslexic students
  • Access to teacher notes if deemed necessary by ARC
  • Laptops allowed to type in-class and test essays, if deemed appropriate
  • Learning Ally and Bookshare provided for access to audiobooks
  • Voice to text capability available on laptops

Accommodation Programs by Grade


Enrollment in the Academic Resource Center is contingent upon completion of a full battery of psychoeducational testing, including IQ and achievement testing. A diagnosis of either a learning difference and/or ADHD must be shown. All accommodations provided must be supported from the data provided. Testing must have been conducted within the last three years. For further formation, contact US Academic Resource Center Coordinator Melissa Foley at extension 3222.

Fee Schedule:

  • Tier One: $2,100 per school year
  • Tier Two: $900 per school year
Melissa Foley

Melissa Foley

US Academic Resource Center Director
Brooklyn Smith

Brooklyn Smith

US Academic Resource Center Teacher