Lower School is the foundation of the TCA experience – the first step in developing enlightened minds, servant hearts and strong bodies, and we are committed to establishing an academic and spiritual foundation that fosters a love of learning.

Both our curriculum and our classrooms are designed to be relational and multi-sensory to honor the way children learn best. Through learning centers, hands-on manipulatives, role-playing, reading labs, SMART technology and the finest instructional strategies, our experienced teachers cultivate a nurturing and stimulating learning environment.

With a student/teacher ratio of 11:1, our gifted teachers are purposefully called to meet the specific needs of each unique child while exploring the glory of His creation in every academic subject and laying the foundation for an education grounded in biblical truth.

Day after day, year after year, that small child who enters the Lower School as an eager kindergarten student is loved, nurtured, challenged, encouraged and equipped to move on to Middle School, the threshold of adolescence, as a confident and prepared learner.

Anne Badger
Head of Lower School

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Lower School Office

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  • Photo of Anne Badger

    Mrs. Anne Badger 

    Head of Lower School
    (972) 931-8325 xt 1311
  • Photo of Beverly Birmingham

    Mrs. Beverly Birmingham 

    Asst. Head of Lower School
    (972) 931-8325
  • Photo of Emily Bush

    Miss Emily Bush 

    LS Counselor
    (972) 931-8325 xt 1311
  • Photo of Julie Scheer

    Mrs. Julie Scheer 

    Academic Support Services Coordinator
    (972) 931-8325 xt 1311
  • Photo of Ginger Chaffin

    Mrs. Ginger Chaffin 

    LS Admin Asst
    (972) 931-8325 xt 1312
  • Photo of Carla Getz

    Mrs. Carla Getz 

    LS Administrative Asst., V Track Asst. Coach
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