Middle School

The goal of the Middle School is to create a “meaningful middle” which prepares students to be self-advocates who know what it takes to find success in every facet of their school experience—academics, extracurricular activities and their relationships with peers and adults. 

Here, students find teachers and coaches who are purposeful and committed to building deeper relationships with students to help them grow into the next stage of life. In our challenging yet attainable curriculum, students will find opportunities for service and leadership that foster their growth in personal responsibility, encourage cultivation of their unique, God-given gifts and help them learn how to care for others.

During these formative years in our students’ development, the school serves as 

  • a community of faith
  • a company of friends
  • a house of learning.

Expectations for students are summed up in the mission statement that students are expected “to contribute to a learning environment that honors God and people.”

Middle School Highlights

Middle School House System

This program provides mentoring, discipleship and cross- grade relationship development.



Students can choose from choir, band, drama, art and high-tech robotics.



TCA offers 19 Middle School sports for students in grades 7–8 and individualized training with on-site athletic trainers.


Middle School Trips

Students participate in a sixth-grade camp trip and eighth-grade Wilderness trip, along with other optional summer trip experiences.



Grade-level service and mission projects allow students to serve and minister to others in the greater DFW community.



Latin curriculum for grades 6–8 provides valuable foundations in vocabulary, language, grammar and Western culture.



iPad devices are issued to every Middle School student.


Academic Competitions

Students participate in local and statewide competitions for math, spelling, Latin and robotics.


Spiritual Development

Middle School students participate in weekly chapels with student-led worship teams and weekly Bible studies led by Upper School students.


"Middle School is a time when students develop independence. During these years when most schools simply focus on turning information into knowledge, TCA is set apart because of its commitment to guide students as they develop Godly wisdom from this learned knowledge. TCA's Middle School helps students realize who they are as children of God and how to weave together His gifts with their knowledge to impact this world." —Holly Hatton, TCA Middle School Library Media Specialist

Middle School Curriculum