Technology in use at TCA

As a community, TCA is committed to pursuing God's truth in a digital culture. Through our e4 initiative, TCA is equiping our learning community with the technological resources to further engage our students, enhance curriculum and enable all learners to use technology well and wisely.

TCA strives to integrate technology into all areas of the curriculum and to balance that technology with what is appropriate for students at each grade level. Our college-preparatory curriculum includes more than academic content. It prepares our students personally and spiritually for life after graduation. In addition to enhancing learning opportunities, the use of mobile devices for MS and US students, allows for our faculty to walk beside students and parents to teach important 21st century skills like digital citizenship and model how to responsibly integrate technology into life. 

While technology is an exciting part of the TCA community, it is no more important than the human connection it encourages and enhances between teachers, parents, students and families.

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