STA Application Information

Student Tuition Aid is open throughout the school year to families in need. To be considered for Student Tuition Aid (STA), a student must be accepted for admission or currently enrolled at TCA. Following are the steps to apply for STA:

1. For new families, submit an application for admission and complete the admission process.
2. Current families should complete an online STA application and contact Pam Heard in the Business Office.

3. Upload required tax documents into the online STA application.
4. Complete a Student Profile Questionnaire (SPQ) for each student applying for STA and a Dual Household form, if applicable. Submit the completed forms to:

Attention: Business Office
Trinity Christian Academy
17001 Addison Road
Addison, Texas 75001

PLEASE NOTE: ALL OF THE ABOVE STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED FOR A FAMILY TO BE CONSIDERED FOR STUDENT TUITION AID. Our decision is based on the family’s need per the STA application data, as well as TCA’s policies/practices, the student’s citizenship and academic performance and extent of available STA funds.

STA Guiding Principles

In considering STA applications, the STA committee strives to obtain the financial “big picture” for each family. As a result, all assets, liabilities, income and discretionary spending is considered to determine the financial need for each applicant. Student Tuition Aid is awarded strictly according to financial need. However, poor academic performance or citizenship could be a sufficient reason for not granting tuition aid. STA applicants must provide extensive information on their financial position and spending, including but not limited to:
  • 2018 federal income tax return and related schedules, and Form W-2’s
  • Income for 2018 and projected income for 2018
  • Bank account balances
  • Retirement/401K/IRA balances
  • Home market value and mortgage balance
  • Vehicles make and model and related debt/lease payments
  • Credit card and other debt amounts
  • Amounts spent on discretionary items (e.g. summer camps, sports/music lessons, vacations, country clubs, etc.)
If you have questions on the STA guidelines and/or wish to discuss your financial numbers prior to beginning your STA application, please contact Brian Rodriguez, Chief Financial Officer.   
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