Missing Alumni

We don't have an address, phone number or email address for the following alumni. Please help us find these missing TCA grads. Email any information to Beth Harwell, or call 972-931-8325.

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Debi Olson `72
Rachel Storm `72
Sue Tilley `73
Don Allen `74
Margie Cunningham `74
Janet Hunt `74
Laurie Hoar `75
Ron Stitt `75
Robin Young `75
Tom Maxwell`76
Terry Graham`77
Bart Green `77
Hank Butts `78
Cheryl Gaines `79
Joe Harrison `79
Tony McGatlin `79
Paula Osborne `79
Vicki McGatlin `80
Jill Anderson `82
Suzie Clark `84
Brandon Roberson `84
Julie Anderson `85
Beth Fancher `85
Tim Mayben `85
Cathie Smith `85
Barb Davidson `86
Leslie Adams `87
Brent Sutton `87
Andy Wayman `87
Jeff Weadock `87
Chris Calvert `89
Scott Ward `89
Tom Kennedy `90
Jonathan Holt `92
Kara Smith `92
Tony Gee `93
Larry Jackson `94
Lance Wilson `95
Emily Chang `97
Frank Graham `97
Shane Rowan `97
Jennifer Hargis `98
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