The emphasis of the music department at the lower school level is to teach music reading skills, both vocally and instrumentally, as well as give opportunity for performance.
The skills learned in lower school are the foundation for the development of better musicians and performers as they mature into middle and upper school students. 

In middle school, the fifth grade students spend a trimester in choir and band, as well as the visual arts, in an effort to help them make an informed choice for their fine arts elective as a sixth grader. Music reading skills continue to be a focus at this level, and the performance opportunities continue to be available in the form of concerts and chapels. Another option at the sixth grade level is drama, which is also available to seventh and eighth graders. 

In the upper school, students have the option of taking Men’s or Women’s Chorus, Chorale (open by audition to 10th-12th graders), Trojan Band, Drama I (two classes offered), and (by audition and/or teacher approval) Drama II and Advanced Drama. The Trojan Band is active not only in competition but also as a vital support to the athletic program. In addition to competition through TPSMEA, the choruses and Chorale form the orchestra chorus for musicals that are produced in conjunction with the Performing Arts department each spring, while the Drama department produces several dramatic productions throughout the year.

Course Offerings

LS - General Music 
- Choir, Band, Drama 
- Men’s/Women’s Choruses, Chorale, Band, Drama 

Performing Arts Faculty

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Norma Browning

    Mrs. Norma Browning 

    US Choral Music Director, Performing Arts Head
    (972) 931-8325 xt 4319
  • Photo of Sharla Davidson

    Mrs. Sharla Davidson 

    MS Choral Music Director
    (972) 931-8325 xt 2360
  • Photo of Laurie Dickens

    Mrs. Laurie Dickens 

    LS Music Teacher
    (972) 931-8325 xt 1983
  • Photo of Marcelle Hamilton

    Mrs. Marcelle Hamilton 

    MS Drama/Speech Teacher
  • Photo of Jeremy Knight

    Mr. Jeremy Knight 

    Band Director
    (972) 931-8325 xt 4426
  • Photo of Elizabeth O'Brien

    Mrs. Elizabeth O'Brien 

    LS Music Teacher
    (972) 931-8325 xt 1981
  • Photo of Kristi Robison

    Miss Kristi Robison 

    US Drama Teacher
    (972) 931-8325 xt 4404
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