MS Faculty/Staff Leave Request Form

MS Leave Request Form

Please submit this online form at least five (5) days prior to your requested leave date. It will be sent to your School Head, school secretary and the Substitute Coordinator.

In the case that you will be out the following day (meaning that it is after school hours and you will be absent the following school day... this includes holidays weekends):

If you need a substitute: call Elaine Tate, TCA substitute coordinator, at 214-683-7252 and leave a voice mail message AND complete/submit this online leave request when you return.

If you do not need a substitute: fill out and submit this online leave request.

Regardless of circumstances surrounding your leave from school, every employee must fill out the online leave request EVERY time he/she will be absent. No exceptions.
Please complete this form.
Please list the Date(s) Being Requested below. You may only request a half day's leave of absence IF you will be ON CAMPUS for half of your scheduled school day regardless of whether or not you need a sub.
Please enter N/A if requesting half-day leave
Please enter N/A if requesting full-day leave
Please list the exact time you will be away from campus (ie: 7:45-11:30). Please remember, half-day requests cannot exceed 4 hours off campus AND you must also be on campus for half of your scheduled work day.
Substitute Request Information
Please check ONE of the three boxes below:
Teachers may utilize TCA employees for an absence. If you wish to have a colleague cover your class(es), it is your responsibility to secure the colleague.
Type of Leave Requested
Please indicate type of leave requested: sick day, personal day, spiritual renewal day, jury duty, bereavement (list relationship in comments section) or professional development/responsibility. If you have any questions about how to classify your leave, please see your handbook or leave classification sheet. If you are requesting leave outside of the handbook guidelines, you must have pre-approval from your School Head, and it must be noted in the comments section.
If this leave is for a professional development/responsibility, please specify the event/conference you will be attending.
Please make any additional comments regarding this leave. Make sure to indicate School Head pre-approval for any leave that is being requested outside the guidelines of the Employee Handbook.
Initial here
Once you submit your request, you will get a copy in your box signed by your School Head, indicating whether the leave has been granted, granted less a deduction in your salary, or denied. Elaine Tate, TCA substitute coordinator, will send you an email with your substitute confirmation once a sub (if needed) has been secured.
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