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Bobby Carstens and Alex Coronado
Not all high school athletes compete under bright lights, motivated by the raucous screams of the home crowd. They don’t all perform in front of a lightning storm of cameras synced with the thunder of fans. They aren’t all recognized around campus, gleaning enthusiastic greetings from younger wannabes.
Waking early in the morning or staying late into the afternoon, sweating before the sun rises or as it rests in the far west, these typically uncelebrated athletes are perhaps a little camera-shy, unused to the attention athletes of more popular sports soak in everyday.
He’s recognized as perhaps the healthiest eater in the high-school cafeteria, always balancing a plate of salad in one hand and lean meat in the other. But what is it all for? Meet Junior Alex Coronado, our highlighted Cross Country runner.
Interview by Bobby Carstens
Q: How many races have you finished in your career? What was your favorite race?
A: I’ve run about 50 5k races (about 3.1 miles), along with a few Turkey Trots and two half marathon races. My favorite races include the 2014 Dallas Half Marathon because it was my first major race, and the 2015 TAPPS State Championship where we all got covered in mud due to recent rains.
Q: If you could compete with any athlete in the world, who would it be?
A: Ryan Hall, U.S. Olympian and American record holder for the half marathon.
Q: What’s your usual weekly training?
A: I usually run about 40 miles a week.
Q: With all that running, how many shoes have you gone through?
A: I usually go through 4 pairs of running shoes a year.
Q: Do you have any pre-race traditions for good luck?
A: Before races, I always down a cup of black coffee.  I also always wear a headband during races.
 You can hear his name chanted in chapels or over the loud speakers at Tom Landry Stadium as a top football receiver, but that’s not the only sport he excels at. Meet TCA’s highly talented Senior swimmer, Brett Fair.
Interview by Alex Coronado
Q: How long have you been swimming?
A: I started swimming when I was 3.
Q: How often do you train for swim?
A: From November to February, I swim an hour everyday.
Q: What swimming events do you compete in?
A: I race the 100 meter breaststroke and 50 meter freestyle.
Q: What have been your fondest memories of swim?
A: Definitely the banana dance before every competition, as well as the tradition of shaving before state and competing at nationals in Philadelphia. 
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