Captain America v Iron Man

Michelle Raybourn
An article for the age old debate. Who's stronger, who's faster, who's better and more, all right here for you to make your final decison. Captain America or Iron Man.
Through the events of this past year, the Marvel Universe was split in two through the movie Captain America: Civil War. To summarize the plot of 5 movies the best that I can, Steve Rogers (aka Captain America to all of those who are uncultured) chooses to leave his squad of Avengers to go support his outlaw best friend Bucky, who served as a mind-controlled Winter Soldier in the last installment of the movie franchise. Since the Captain held the main position as leader of the group of superheroes, Iron Man takes over in leading the Avengers and turns them against the Captain. In the wake of the cinematic masterpiece that is Captain America: Civil War, a single question is left in the mind of the viewer, which side do I support?
Captain America
Constantly loyal, Captain American remains a constant for his best friend Bucky and his nation of America. Just as the saying goes, “Your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness”, the Captain’s loyalty, although it guarantees that you can trust him no matter what, means that he will not shake in his beliefs. When his best friend Bucky is called a traitor, he decides to support Bucky, an old friend, ahead of his alliance with the Avengers. Even if he is put into a dangerous situation, he still will stand by his friends or ideals before he would accept safety. This brings along his second strength. Captain America is courageous. In the first movie, he goes down with an enemy plane, instead of allowing the possibility of it coming close to the U.S.  Looking death in the eye and choosing to put others before himself, the Captain always stands for what he feels is morally right and maintains safety for society. The main appeal for Captain America though, let’s be honest, is his apparent charm. If looks could kill, his blue eyes would stare into all of his enemies’ souls. Actually, that theory might make sense because how does it even make sense that a man armed with just a shield could take out an entire army of aliens or enemy spies? Also, because of the scientific engineering of his genes, he can never age, get sick, or become intoxicated. In other words, he will always be on his “A game” and ready to take down whatever lies in his path.
Iron Man
Iron Man. Let’s just say, he’s the definition of intelligence. Designing his own electronic suit, Tony Stark is known far and wide as a successful businessman and inventor. Although he ultimately shuts down his company because he discovers that it has been in cooperation with terrorists behind his back, Stark remains active by participating with the Avengers and occasionally reaching out to colleges. In other words, Iron Man serves as an influence to society in action and creation. Unlike the Captain, Tony is led by his brain and not his heart. He approaches problems by looking at the solution that seems the most logical. Even if the solution means turning his back on his beliefs and friends, Iron Man will choose what looks best for society as a whole. With this knowledge in mind, Tony can come off as arrogant and a tad Machiavellian. He’s already reasoned the whole problem out and adamantly believes that his solution offers the best escape. At first, Tony is not allowed or recommended into the Avengers because he is perceived as a lousy team player; although this sometimes holds true, Tony becomes the voice of reason in the team of superheroes and always finds ways to improve the group as a whole.
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