Enoing For All

Natalie Warrick & Photography: Caroline Spears
It has come around to that time of the year. The time to pull out our enos and let loose! Well, at the ROCK we understand and share in this love, so one of our own set out to scout out the best and most ingenius on-campus spots to set-up camp.
While Eagle Nest Outfitters began their business of selling the most comfortable hammocks in the world around 1999, the Eno trend did not hit our community of Addison, Texas until about 2013. Nevertheless, when TCA students began to discover these incredible outdoor beds, they became the most popular summer activity. Friends and families alike began to compete over the coolest Eno locations, hiking through woods and backstreets to find the newest spot. While this sport took up the time of many students’ summers, school was soon in session, and the Eno fun took a quick halt.
 I recently embarked on a very moving and informational journey unlike any other, pushing all limits and breaking all pre-conceptions; I brought my Eno to TCA. Yes, some of you may doubt me right now and yes, you have every right to. While our campus is very beautiful and, based on my totally biased opinion, one of the best high school campuses in Texas, we don’t have very many trees. Like, really not any trees. Yet, my goal had been set and not even the fragility of Birchwood would hold me back. Setting off with my photographer Caroline on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we hunted throughout the campus for creative places to hang my modern hammock. Starting by the middle school playground, we immediately set upon the trees lining the fence (mostly because we were locked out of the football field). My report of this location was a success, although the Eno straps were a bit stretched. With a clear view of the art wing, portables, lower school, and high school, my time easily could have flown by with a good book or Physics review packet.
Wanting to get photos in each section of the campus, we moved onto the next area: the portables. With ingenuity, patience, and luck, Caroline and I managed to hang my Eno between the new wooden rails. Although the hammock hung a bit low, and the rails were possibly slightly squeaking, my place in line to retrieve my Homecoming mum was set for next year. Realistically, this Eno spot was probably not a success; you’re welcome to try it though. Our next location, the Jesus statue, proved to be even more of a struggle, however the view was quite pretty. After a challenging and risky set up, Caroline was able to take a pretty neat photo of two decades coming together: the classic statue and my modern day Sperry’s and hammock. We were not there for long, though, due to the brittleness of the Birchwood holding me up; while they make elegant little trees, their ability to continue holding me up for long was slim to none. Caroline and I moved onto the Lowerschool, setting up the hammock between two of the pillars holding up the well-known walkway. For any of those confused, no, do not bring the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to me or my Eno. I’ll be happy to accept food donations however, if you’re feeling generous. Preferably Chick- Fil A. Anyways, this location was fun and different, and allowed me a good view of Addison road and our beautiful lower school entrance. I’ll rate this spot a somewhat success, based on how stretched the straps had to be.
 The adventure continued as we returned to the place where the majority of my childhood memories reside, the Lower School playground. Mine and Caroline’s imaginations kicked into overdrive as we climbed through our old stomping ground, deciding to first try out the new equipment. We hung my Eno between the rails of the super cool and modern rock wall, a feat that, although difficult, proved to be very fun. With the ability to rest my head against the wall and climb through it if I happened to become bored, this location was definitely a success. Perhaps the most ingenious of our locations, this next spot will blow your mind and hopefully get me into A&M Engineering. The blue and white pipes that sit by the field have been there for as long as I could remember, and used to be my favorite place to disappear in Hide-and Seek.  Threading the Eno straps through the opening of the blue tube, I clambered into the hammock and basked in the cool shade the pipe provided. This spot would definitely receive a ten out of ten, and highly encouraged for those who dislike sun. As in, I highly recommend this for TCA teenagers.
Finally, I present to you my personal favorite Eno spot: the center of the “castle”. Somewhat perilous, yes, but the position was totally worth the difficult set up. I even stayed a couple of minutes on this one, updating social media and talking to Caroline. It was high enough up to be cool, yet low enough to be safe, and it was so much fun going through the castle again as if I was back in my glory days. Walking through Trinity’s campus and truly looking at it, not just rushing through to get to my next class, made me appreciate the beauty that it accompanies for all grades, K-12th.  Perhaps setting up Eno and finding places was a little difficult, but spending time and enjoying the outdoors at my school is really what Eagle Nest Outfitters, and this article, is all about. 
Trinity Christian Academy is a private coeducational school for grades PreK–12 which offers Christian families and their children a demanding, college preparatory curriculum within a Christian community committed to integrating Biblical faith and learning.