Dan Paterson supports TCA through donor-advised fund

Dan Paterson said, "Before Karen and I had a donor-advised fund for planned giving, we would always make tough decisions on charitable donations each December. We are thankful that someone suggested that we establish a donor-advised fund. We selected the Dallas Foundation, and this has given us ultimate flexibility, as to when to provide donation gifts to TCA, along with the other charitable organizations. We are in full support of this strategy, mainly because of its flexibility. Also, you can put your charitable gift in each year and actually put that in different investment funds and receive appreciation on your money while you decide where to put it. We have been fortunate with the Dallas Foundation in that we have seen very good return on our prior charitable gifts which allowed us to give even more."

You can make a gift to TCA through a donor-advised fund or foundation. This method of giving is done through a third party with input from the donor. Many families have established donor-advised funds or private foundations as a way to organize and further support charities they believe in. TCA can be named as an annual beneficiary of such a fund.
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