Welcome to the Trinity Christian Academy Alumni Association. From the start of TCA in 1970, to the present day, we are more than 3,400 strong in our alumni community of graduates. This is an amazing legacy! Webster's Dictionary defines legacy as "something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past, an inheritance, heritage, endowment, or gift." Those who came before you made a huge commitment and investment in TCA that continues today as a legacy in our community of believers. As alumni, may you be continually challenged to carry on this legacy, as you build on the inheritance you were given as a TCA student.
Please let us know how your would like to be involved in our community. There are many opportunities to be involved or to take a leadership role. We want to hear from you, we want to know where you are, and what is happening in your life. Please take the time to update your information on our website. Whenever you left, you made a terrific impact on this place, you are a part of our legacy, our community of faith, and we look forward to having you come back.

Beth Harwell
Director of Alumni


Alumni Association Board

Stephen Konstans '83, President
Bunny Heard Mitchell '94, VP of Community Events
Jackie Schimmer Harrison '86, VP of Alumni Parents
Robert Taylor '07, VP of Connections
Jeni McCabe Parrent '87, VP of Communication
Lane Connor IV, '99, VP of Social Media
Aimee Bloom '99
Kristen Crosby '08
Katie Lynam '09
Rebecca Grimm Novakovich '85
Sarah-Graham Turtletaub '07
Lane Wells Wiggins '04
Jacy Witt '12

Beth Harwell, Director of Alumni

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Trinity Christian Academy is a private coeducational school for grades PreK–12 which offers Christian families and their children a demanding, college preparatory curriculum within a Christian community committed to integrating Biblical faith and learning.