Allison Knott Nance ’03- Called Abroad

In 2016, God gave our family a burden for the people of Japan. The Japanese are the second largest unreached people group in the world. Millions of Japanese do not know about the love of Jesus and consequently go through this life not knowing the truth and eternal life that only He can bring. 

We were expecting to be in Japan last November, but with a global pandemic, the Lord has taught us more about patience and waiting on his perfect timing. Life waiting in the gap is often difficult but we are more than confident that God is at work in big ways during this time. This refocusing season seems like a unique time where the Lord has stripped away all of the worldly distractions and escapes, only to confront us with the reality of facing a broken world. In this confrontation, we are met by a loving God and invited to respond to His invitation to lean into him. 

2020 was truly a paradigm-shifting, routine-rocking year for many people, including us. But God's faithfulness has continued to astonish us even more, and we are so excited to share that our prayer is to be in Osaka by the end of February; living among, loving, connecting with and discipling our Japanese neighbors in the name of Jesus.

We are ready to go, and are praying that visa issuance will resume in the next few weeks! Please pray for us as we continue to wait on the Lord.

The Nances have been offered positions as part-time English and Bible teachers for a school that is founded and managed by Otori Christ Megumi Church in Osaka, and are sent by Links International. To partner with the Nances and to learn more about their ministry to the Japanese, please visit: