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Per the Board of Trustees announcement on July 27, 2020, TCA will open on August 19-20 at Level Three according to the following plan:

  • Lower School will open for in-person instruction on Wednesday, August 19. All students, grades preK-4, will be on campus, practicing physical distancing in their classrooms. Per Governor Abbott’s order, all faculty and staff and children ten and over will be required to wear face coverings. There has been no further clarification on this order from the governor’s office. At times, preK through nine-year-old students will wear face coverings when physical distancing is not possible (carpool, hallways, etc.). 
  • Middle School will open for in-person instruction on Thursday, August 20. All students, grades 5-8, will be on campus, practicing physical distancing in their classrooms. Per Governor Abbott’s order, all faculty, staff and students will be required to wear face coverings. There will be an at-home online orientation session for Middle School students on August 19 in preparation for their return to campus.
  • Upper School will open on Thursday, August 20 as planned, but we have modified the plan to provide for an A/B model of instruction from August 20 through September 2. This means that half of the Upper School (Group A) will start school in-person on August 20 and the other half (Group B) will start on August 20 with at-home learning. The A and B groups will then alternate days on campus through September 2. This will allow all students, grades 9-12, to be physically distanced in their classrooms for their first ten school days. Students at home will experience their classes live-streamed in real-time through our new SWIVL technology. Face coverings will be required on campus per the Governor’s order. On Thursday, September 3, the A/B schedule will stop, and Upper School will open for on-campus in-person instruction for all students grades 9-12. 
  • In addition, any parents who are not comfortable sending their children to school on campus will have the option to choose at-home learning and keep their children home for an initial period of six weeks (through Wednesday, September 30).

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TCA Together!

TCA administrators have mobilized into Task Force committees this summer to address the possible scenarios we will encounter in the 2020-21 school year and to plan, strategize and be prepared for the needs, challenges and opportunities that each of the scenarios may require.

Our goal is to have solid plans developed that would allow for TCA to start school in August and be able to move in and out of possible at-home learning scenarios as seamlessly as possible.

Justin Zappia, Task Force Lead

Dave Delph, TCA Headmaster

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