SAGE Dining provides lunch service to all of our LS, MS and US students. We are confident you will find this program to be nutritious, tasty and cost-effective. Here is some additional information regarding the SAGE Dining program:
  • We have a chef on-site, who selects the recipes and oversees the preparation of all our food, using fresh ingredients and cooking almost everything from scratch.
  • As a school, we have complete control over our food-service program, deciding what types of foods we want and how often. (i.e. – We can choose to only offer desserts once a week or how often we want pizza served.)
  • Our menu entrees are different each day, but the fresh salad bar, complete sandwich bar and soup bar are available every day.
  • We have the ability to offer plain or simpler options for our younger students and offer vegetarian items, as well.
  • Parents no longer have to send lunches for field trips, nor do they have to prepare foods for classrooms feasts. SAGE Dining does this for us, and often ties the foods into the particular classroom activity or field trip (i.e. – fish-shaped cookies to go with the field trip to the aquarium).
  • Teachers, assistants, parent volunteers and SAGE Dining personnel assist students in developing healthy eating habits, choosing a variety of foods to eat and learning portion control.
  • Students are encouraged to try new things, both by their peers and by the attractive, appealing stations of food.
  • Children who learn to eat healthy at a young age are more inclined to make healthy choices throughout their lives.
  • Food stations are located around the entire dining area, allowing students to be fed in a short amount of time, and limited lunch periods help keep students from overindulging. Basically, students should have plenty of time to eat, but not too much time to overeat.

Contact Information

If you have any additional questions or comments about the SAGE Dining program, please contact Dawn Booth.
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