Social and Emotional Support

The mission of the TCA school counselors is to foster the emotional, social, academic and spiritual well-being of each student.


  • Guidance lessons
  • Direct short-term counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Group support
  • Consultations with parents and faculty concerning academic, behavioral, emotional and social issues
  • Wellness and prevention initiatives
  • Referrals to local mental health resources
  • Confidential coordination of care with outside counselors
  • Development of social skills
  • Aid in navigating peer relationships

Meet our Counselors

Emily (Bush) Eyre

Emily (Bush) Eyre

LS Counselor
Shawn Ledebur

Shawn Ledebur

MS Counselor
Tenley Gummelt

Tenley Gummelt

US Counselor, US French Teacher