US Plan Details

Upcoming Events

August 20 and 21: First Two Days of School

  • Group A will be on campus on our first day of school on Thursday, August 20.
  • Group B will be participating from home on that first Thursday.
  • Group B will be on campus on Friday, August 21.
  • Group A will be participating from home on Friday, August 21
  • Attendance is required for all class sessions, whether in-person at school or at home.
  • Failure to attend a class, even if you are at home, is considered skipping and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • On that Thursday, Group A will have an US Orientation session. Some students will be in the PAC in-person, and some students will be in their classrooms watching the livestream version.
  • Group B will not be required to attend the Orientation assembly on Thursday, and will be given a break at home.
  • Group B will have a repeat of Thursday’s Orientation assembly on Friday.
  • Group A will not be required to attend the Orientation assembly from home on Friday and will be given a break.

US Hybrid Groups:  Based on Last Names

  • Seniors:  Group A = A-J  Group B = K-Z
  • Juniors:  Group A = A-L    Group B = M-Z
  • Sophomores:    Group A = A-L    Group B = M-Z
  • Freshmen: Group A = A-H  Group B = I-Z

First Two Days of School Schedule

  • We do not use our rotating schedule on the first two days of school.
  • The rotating schedule begins on Monday, August 24. The first full week of school.
  • Please pay close attention to the First Two Days Schedule posted on the US Re-Opening Plan page on the website.

 Split Lunch Schedule

  • Because we have two lunch periods every day, it is important for “at home” students to pay close attention to the Split Lunch Schedule.
  • While “at home” students may eat lunch at their leisure, they need to make sure that they are not taking a lunch break, when they are supposed to be in class.

 Carpool and Morning Entrance Screening

  • Please pay close attention to our US carpool routes, especially for freshmen and sophomores.
  • The freshmen have one entrance but two choices for drop off.
  • Students who arrive after 8:00 a.m. on Monday-Thursday, will all enter through the main entrance on the north side of the Upper School.
  • It is critical that all US students have the Titan HST app downloaded onto their phones, as well as all parents.
  • Instructions to come.
  • Parents will need to screen their children in the mornings before coming to school.  It just takes a few seconds to answer the questions.
  • When a parent completes the screening process, it will populate on their child’s phone and a green screen will emerge.
  • US students simply need to hold up their green screens on their phones and they will be allowed into the building.
  • Students who have a red screen will not be allowed into the building.  Red means that symptoms are present.
  • Students who have not been screened by their parents, will be detained at the door until the screening process is completed.
  • The US process should be very easy and simple, if students are screened and their phones show their green screens.

 Staggered Dismissals

  • Due to physical distancing guidelines and carpool congestion, we will have a staggered dismissal of students in the Upper School.
  • When students are dismissed, they will be expected to leave the building immediately to create less of a traffic jam in the hallways and in the carpool road.
  • Dismissal Times:
    • Seniors = 3:20 p.m.
    • Juniors = 3:22 p.m.
    • Sophomores  =  3:24 p.m.
    • Freshmen   =  3:26 p.m.

US First Days

First page of the PDF file: First_Days_of_School_Aug_2020_1

US Rotating Schedule

First page of the PDF file: RotatingSchedule20-21-color