The Rock is TCA Upper School's student-produced magazine. It is published once a year in the spring. For the twelfth consecutive year, The Rock won a first-place award from the American Scholastic Press Association in the ASPA's annual magazine competition for its Spring 2015 issue. The magazine was judged for content coverage, organization, design, presentation and creativity, and the first-place award acknowledged that The Rock is among the most excellent publications among participating schools in our classification. 
The ROCK Staff of 2016-2017 
Abby Mathai     Nathan Holden     Travis Josephs     Callie Orten     Kat Petersen     Delia Rowland     Haleigh Brown     

Ruthie Turner     Isabella Berthel     Michelle Raybourn     Molly Henegar     Avery Gann     Emily Miller     Georgia Ballew     

Cassidy Ellison     Philip Petersen     Jackson Barringer     Natalie Warrick     Michelle Lee     Grace Lee     Erin Clay     

Landry Hays     Caroline Spears     Abby Coronado     Jenna Larson    Daniel Heard     Caroline Heard     Ansley Marquardt

Sacha Francois