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  • Captain America v Iron Man

    Michelle Raybourn
    An article for the age old debate. Who's stronger, who's faster, who's better and more, all right here for you to make your final decison. Captain America or Iron Man.
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  • Enoing For All

    Natalie Warrick & Photography: Caroline Spears
    It has come around to that time of the year. The time to pull out our enos and let loose! Well, at the ROCK we understand and share in this love, so one of our own set out to scout out the best and most ingenius on-campus spots to set-up camp.
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  • Expressing Our Faith

    Erin Clay
    The life of a high-schooler as we struggle, grown and learn how to express our faith in our community.
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  • The Fishbowl

    Haleigh Brown & Isabella Berthel
    We've heard of them, we've seen them and we've been them - Fish. So here are the thoughts from the life of two of our very own TCA freshmen.
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  • World Religions

    Isabella Berthel
    What religions lie beyond Christianity? Understanding what others believe and why is  important and helps us connect to the world. 
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  • Behind-The-Scenes: Varsity Cheer

    Michelle Raybourn and Summer Chaffin
    After interviewing several girls on the Varsity cheer team at TCA, I have come to acknowledge cheerleading as a demanding sport and an important and beneficial way to connect to the school as a whole.
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  • Athlete Article

    Bobby Carstens and Alex Coronado
    Not all high school athletes compete under bright lights, motivated by the raucous screams of the home crowd. They don’t all perform in front of a lightning storm of cameras synced with the thunder of fans. They aren’t all recognized around campus, gleaning enthusiastic greetings from younger wannabes.
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  • Creative TCA Authors

    Courtney Fish
    TCA seventh and eighth graders got the chance to participate in a ROCK sponsored essay contest this year.  It was a unique opportunity for these middle school students to free write and share interesting stories about themselves. Congrats to Jackson Wells and Patricia Sharon!
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  • The Rise of Taylor Swift

    Laura Bowling
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  • Wise Women

    Maddie Parent
    Three Biblical Women and What We Can Learn From Them
                As a Christian woman in society today, I often find it difficult to be an advocate for Women’s Rights while simultaneously standing firm in my faith. I wonder if what the Bible says about women and leadership still applies to current society, even though it has been some hundreds of years. Searching for answers, I turned to the most reliable source I could find: the Bible. 
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